Power of Love

We will always ask questions. We are aware Awake Love is apart of our every cell Creating a world together much like you create yourself Coming from the heart We shall rise higher and higher In the name of love We shall rise above and continue to evolve Continue to solve every bit of suffering […]


I am a powerful being, a beautiful girl. I am powerful enough, to rule my own world. I choose now to be, infinitely consciously evolving. The art of letting go, Can be mastered by my breath. My heart can literally now spin around in my chest. My time can mean NOTHING, but a vortex of […]

Timeless Space

Everyone wants to be apart of the evolution, how can you put a price to having such beautiful revolutions. The things we can experience are infinite beyond our minds, spinning selflessly through out the end of time. Breathing in and breathing out, Pulling in the divinity, have no doubt. Feeling like you are love, feeling […]