Performance Art

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All of my performance capabilities are available for photo shoots and video shoots.

I started out my performance art endeavors at the re birth of my new life December 2010 with Cirkus Pandemonium in Salt Lake City UT. I love to dance, my gift with dance is that I have a keen sense of rhythm where I can actually feel the music before I hear it so I am on point. I love dancing above the crowd where I can do mass healing and energy work to be of love. I love choreographing many different artists together to create a story that can teach those who see it. I am very open to creating with new performance artists and troupes, so please if you are as well, let me know 🙂

Acro Yoga

Circus Pandemonium was asked to perform for Earth Jam April 2011, I had never done acro yoga before but this was an option. So for three months Daniel and I put together and learned a ten minute 60 sequence acro yoga performance that was to represent water in the four elements of our performance. We performed to Incubus Aqueous Transmission.

Peter Nielson got the invite to the MAPS CONFERENCE of 2011, asked me if I would come as his psychedelic body painted performance artist. So I teamed up again with Daniel and we did an acro yoga peace at the MAPS Conference of 2011.

Desert Rocks 2012 I choreographed with Missy and Coulson a extremely beautiful peace of performance art for the opening ceremony that involved: fire, aerial, and Acro Yoga. The theme of this festival was transformation, so the little caterpillar that had no idea the potential of what it could truly be went through life in dance with the darkness and the light (represented by our characters.) And with the balance and lessons of both the Caterpillar retreated to it’s cocoon and came out as a butterfly.


I am available to perform for private parties and often do. At this time I manipulate and dance with the fire Poi.


I was apart of Sonic Bloom’s 2012 (Georgetown, CO) Opening Ceremonies. Was a huge part of the choreography of opening ceremony at Desert Rocks 2012. (Green River, UT) I have modeled live for Sketch Cabaret. (Salt Lake City, UT)  Did a performance and heart opening activation for Love Shack February 2013. (Salt Lake City, UT) I was also hired as a performance artist in an underground club called WIP in New York, NY .