Who Am I

Larry SanbornDefining who oneself is such a challenge; especially if you are constantly shape shifting like me. I am Ananda Fay which means Bliss Fairy. I am a lotus flower who will never stop growing. I am Magic Goddess offering herself as a muse for creators of all kinds. I utilize my body to create and I express the divine in many different forms. The possibilities for creation is infinite. There are many new forms of expression I am looking forward to creating with many of whom are reading this right now. My biggest goal in creating forms of art is to raise the awareness of those whom see our creations. I mostly want the awareness of healing, evolving, spirituality and divine unconditional love to convey through our creations. If this inspires you, please contact me and tell me how.

I currently live in Los Angeles, CA. But I love to travel and I do so often.

Photographer Credit : www.LarrySanborn.com